I guess I have a reputation for not being interested in white guys. But it’s not true. I’m just not that interested in most white guys.

So when I got an email from a 25-year-old Irish boy named Jason who had met my assistant Spencer and now wanted to model for me, I was not that interested. The photos he sent with the email were just okay. I delayed responding to him for a couple of weeks. Finally, though, I thought, what the hell, maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised when I meet him in person.

I contacted him and we set up a meeting at my place in Waikiki. It was 5 o’clock on a weekday. When he walked out of the elevator, I was really taken aback. Not only did he look better than his pictures…he looked WAY better.


And it wasn’t just his looks. Something about the way he carried himself, his easy smile, the lack of attitude—I was immediately smitten. I retained enough presence of mind to chat with him a bit while I got my camera equipment out. Jason was brand-new to Hawaii, having just moved here from California a few weeks previous. His ambition: to be a fireman. This was getting better and better.

As much as I liked him in person, I knew I needed to take some test shots. Just because his presence was bowling me over didn’t mean that he would photograph well (although I had a hard time believing he wouldn’t). I started shooting as we talked, then I had him take off his shirt and we talked some more, and I kept taking photographs. What a great smile…what a pretty body…I was trying hard to stay objective but it was difficult.

I told him I was pretty sure I wanted to work with him, and said I’d give him a call in the next week or so to confirm that. He left, and I ran to the computer to upload the images I’d shot so I could get a good look at them. I really wanted to see what the photographs looked like without the distraction of his standing there in front of me.

Wow. They were just as great as I thought they’d be. Jason was my new favorite model, and I couldn’t wait to have him all to myself for a few hours of intense picture-taking. And that happened fairly quickly. A little less than a week later, Jason and I drove out to Hawaii Kai, where my friends Kei and Dick live. I’ve used their backyard pool for a lot of photo shoots in the past.


When we got there and walked into the pool area, I was blown away. It had always been a nice setting, but the vegetation has gotten even lusher and bigger in the past couple of years, and Kei has done a lot of work on the pool area as well. There’s a new lava-rock shower column poolside that Kei designed and built himself (you can see it behind Jason in the right-hand photo above). Gorgeous! I was getting amped up and the model wasn’t even naked yet.


Over the next couple of hours I found Jason to be as easy to work with as he is handsome and charming. Am I gushing? Sorry, but I love this guy. He’s so down-to-earth and easy-going, and yet such a treat for the eyes. And his body looks superb from any angle. It’s not a big muscular body, it’s a lithe, graceful, lightly muscled body. And his proportions are perfect.

At one point in the photo shoot I ran out of ideas and asked Jason if he had any. He said, How about I be the poolboy? And he picked up the net thing that you use to scoop leaves and debris out of the pool. Not that there were any leaves or debris—Kei is beyond meticulous about that sort of thing. So Jason actually went and found some dead leaves and threw them into the pool so he’d have something to scoop.



First I had him be the hot poolboy who’s cleaning your pool with his boardshorts practically falling off. Jason did this very well. Then we had the shorts fall totally off and he was the naked poolboy for awhile. These ended up being some of my favorite shots of the day, and not just because it’s such a delicious fantasy, but because these poses were completely natural and unstudied, and because what he was doing put almost every muscle in his body to work…with wonderful visual results.


All in all, a great photo shoot and a great model. Thanks, Jason!


In August 2012 I published an e-book of uncensored photographs of Jason from this photo shoot. You can order it for instant download here.

  1. Bill Madden says:

    I’m sorry but there’s nothing in jason that would make me turn around to look. Please stick to the exotic types.

  2. rob says:


  3. Tom Silk says:

    Jason is FANASTIC! It’s nice to see a white guy for a change. If he’s in SoCal, I would really love work with him!!

  4. Ray C. says:

    Doug? Is it really YOU?!? Come on, really, who is this?!?

    A white boy as a model?!? Nah…

    (just kidding 😉

  5. Bob DeLoach says:

    Way to go Douglas! Now, maybe I can be a customer again.

  6. Ian W says:

    While he’s not my cup of tea, I know plenty of Asian boys who’d set fire to their apartments so they can be rescued by him. 🙂

  7. John says:

    “And it wasn’t just his looks. Something about the way he carried himself, his easy smile, the lack of attitude—I was immediately smitten.”

    Douglas, show it in your art. He’s naked, he has no smile. He holds a pole, I can’t see how he carries himself. How can I tell he lacks attitude? Take another look at him and redefine him with your craft to show these things to someone peeking in. You’ve done it with others. You can do it with Jason too.

  8. Roger says:

    I just had to say…AWESOME CHOICE!!! Jason has a “sly” look about him that makes me want to see more. As much as I like exotic looking guys (being Venezuelan and Portuguese myself), he’s definitely a keeper!

  9. Norm says:

    Im sure you will select a marvelous pose or poses, and turn it into a wonderful piece. Ilike him in them sunglasses, with a cute smile.

  10. John says:

    Hey Douglas great job men really love your work!!! believe i prefer white guys but this is one of your best!!!NICE

  11. Alberto says:

    Hey Douglas,

    I think he’s cute. I am sure you will create something lovely from your photos.

  12. Pucci says:

    Those eyes are enough to frenzy-ize me! But can’t wait to see what’s behind that towell, the pole, his hand, etc., etc., etc. (The last “etc.” is in recognition of the production of “The King and I” In which i’m currently performing. You are the best, Mr. Douglas.



  15. Roger says:

    Stick with your ethnic models, you excel in these hot types, Jason is just a regular white guy that anyone can take pictures of.

  16. Jeffrey L. Hunt says:

    Jason is a definite ‘hottie’, and I’m glad that your shared him with the rest of your models, and deserves to be included in their genre. I’m glad that you didn’t give up on him. I say he is a ‘keeper’. Jeff

  17. Rudolf says:

    my sympathies for your work results of the exotic type of boys and men and landscape, plants, sun etc
    perhaps outside your private preferences
    Rudolf, Germany

  18. Horacio says:

    Muy lindo y marcado. Mas musculos, solo un poco mas, no le vendrían nada mal. Así, nuevas fotos. ¡ Gracias !

  19. larry singer says:

    I have followed you for years and do own several of your rough sketches. James is out of the norm, but looking at your past experience with Caucasians,I think he has a certain quality that would show good results. I particularly like the chaise shot.

  20. sammy says:

    he is sexy….

  21. Nice looking. Nice body. Lets see what you turn out!

  22. Mickey says:

    I guess being an artist, you have to develop a thick skin. Douglas, you have my admiration, not just for your beautiful art, but also for your grace under fire. Keep up the good work!

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