Almost there...

We rented a van and a driver for the day, and met at the “beach house” (we were no longer calling it the house from hell, since we didn’t have to live there).

I was amazed that both Wellington and Israel were not only on time, but EARLY! I have to say again, you just don’t get this kind of thing in Salvador. I was counting my blessings!

It was Fernando, my agent and assistant, who was more typically Bahian. He kept us all waiting almost a half-hour. Still, we were all in the van and on our way by 10:30 AM, which was earlier than I’d hoped.

That was good, because it was a long drive to where we were going—2 and a half hours, in fact. The first 2 hours were by main highway, but the last half hour was down country backroads that sometimes looked almost impassable. But we got there!


The beach was perfect!

We unloaded ourselves and our stuff from the van and trudged up a sand dune to see what the beach looked like on the other side. It was beautiful! In fact, it was exactly what I had had in mind when I was first planning this trip. We had to walk down the beach a ways to get away from a few fishermen but we soon reached a perfect spot—deserted, windswept, coconut palms in the background. We got set up and the boys started getting undressed.


Israel heading into the surf.

Wellington went for a quick run down the beach. He needed to clear his head before he started modeling, he said. Israel didn’t need any preparation. He headed for the water, still in his white undershorts. I looked away for a second, then looked back and he was heading into the surf, already naked.


Wellington and Israel: a good team.

If the location was great, the models were even better. As you know if you’ve read previous Brazil entries of this Diary, I love the energy and inventiveness Marcus brings to my model shoots with him. Well, that was just the type of thing i got immediately from Wellington and Israel. Wellington was acting almost like an older brother to Israel (Wellington is a confident, grown-up 25, Israel a not-very-mature 21), helping, encouraging, and teasing him. The two hadn’t met before they met through me, but they had a great chemistry together. Both are straight (though “straight-flexible” might be a better term in Brazil), but they were willing to be somewhat physically affectionate with each other in a really masculine, sexy way. As with Marcus, they didn’t need much direction—my main challenge was just to keep up with them.


Israel enjoying himself; models harassing Kelly

An interesting thing happened: Wellington came up to me early in the shoot, all wet from playing in the surf with Israel, and said in Portuguese something to the effect of, "What happens if we get excited (sexually aroused)?" I laughed and said, Believe me, it’s not a problem. He said, Really? I said, REALLY. From then on, both of the guys were constantly stroking themselves. This is something Brazilian boys do a lot of anyway, but they really went for it—especially Israel. in fact, at one point i was trying to get them to play ball in the surf again, but Israel just wanted to stand around stroking his "pica dura." It was very sexy—and kind of funny, too. As my sister Kelly said after having her picture taken with Wellington and Israel standing next to her naked and aroused, "I know how this would probably look to somebody who wasn’t here, but I’m kind of amazed at how innocent it all is." And it was. In fact, there was a kind of freshness and magic to the whole experience that day that made it one of the best photo session experiences i’ve ever had.


One of the 1700-plus images shot that day---a very successful photo session!

And later, looking at the photographs on my computer, i saw that a lot of the magic had been captured in the images. There are some fantastic painting possibilities in these photographs. I’m definitely going to be stretching myself as a painter to do justice to some of these images. I’m looking forward to the challenge!

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